The Fiber Supplement Dietitians & Chefs Love Adding To Meals

Morgan Chamberlain

February 7, 2024

Morgan Chamberlain

mbg supplement editor

By Morgan Chamberlain

mbg supplement editor

Morgan Chamberlain is supplements editor at mindbodygreen. He graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in magazine journalism and a minor in nutrition.

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February 7, 2024

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From digestion and regularity to gut microbiome and metabolic health, fiber plays a role in systems that affect the frequency and health of bowel movements, the strength of immune defenses, and much more.*

Despite its large number of benefits, a huge 95% of American adults and children1 You don’t eat enough fiber every day. And over time, neglecting your fiber needs can lead to problems with digestive health, bloating, immune resistance, mental well-being, and regularity. Simply put, we can no longer ignore this issue, and at mindbodygreen we don’t.

That is why we formulate our own organic fiber power+This USDA certified organic vegan fiber powder packs plenty of gastrointestinal support in every scoop, including 6 grams of functional plant fibers (soluble, insoluble, and prebiotic) from organic legumes (guar bean), greens (reishi, maitake). and oyster mushrooms) and fruits (green kiwi); plus a unique spore-forming probiotic strain (Bacillus subtilis ATCC122264 as Sporevia™).* All that and zero additives in every scoop!

With all of these amazing health benefits backed by science, it’s no surprise that culinary dietitians, professional chefs, cookbook authors, nutritional psychiatrists, health coaches, and nutrition scientists like to add organic fiber power+ to your daily drinks and meals to increase your (and your clients’) daily fiber intake.

Below, see how culinary and nutrition experts use mbg’s functional fiber supplement to support whole-body health and address the nation’s fiber crisis—one scoop at a time!*

“By nourishing our gut daily with a variety of plants and their functional fibers, our gut can nourish us.”

“We are what we eat, and that starts in our gut. As a chef and nutritional psychiatrist, I specialize in the many intricate ways food and health intersect. You can choose to nourish your gut with healthy nutrition, and in turn , enrich it. whole-body health (including the mind, thanks to the gut-brain axis). For example, by nourishing our gut daily with a variety of plants and their functional fibers, our gut can nourish us. That’s exactly why “mindbodygreen is carefully formulated with organic products. Fiber Potency+, a powerful vegan blend of organic plant fibers from beans, mushrooms and kiwis, combined with a targeted probiotic. This is symbiotic synergy at its finest!”

“Prebiotic fibers literally feed the good bugs that reside in our digestive tract.”

“A whopping 95% of Americans do not consume enough fiber, representing a huge nutrient gap with major health consequences. Just as our bones need calcium and vitamin D, our gut needs fiber every day. In fact, longs fiber. This is because prebiotic fibers literally feed the good bugs that reside in our digestive tract, supporting everything from intestinal integrity and microbial balance to regular bowel movements, satiety, immunity, and blood sugar balance. That’s why I love mindbodygreen’s organic+ fiber powerhouse. This daily scoop offers a rich, clean source of organic plant fiber.”*

“Organic and vegan blend of various plant fibers for intestinal and whole body health”

“Many of my clients are looking for viable ways to include fiber in their eating patterns. Daily fiber requirements for children and adults are actually quite high, ranging between 21 and 38 grams, depending on age and sex assigned at birth. First, leaning on a variety of colorful plants is a great way to get fiber in. For those looking to further increase or reduce their lack of fiber, a supplement can be helpful, and Organic Fiber Power+ is an option I recommend. This organic, vegan, family-friendly product A blend of various plant fibers provides 6 grams of prebiotic fiber to support gut and whole-body health.”*

“Fiber is one of the least consumed nutrients by both adults and children.”

“Optimal health requires nutritious foods. As a dietitian specializing in fertility and pre- and postnatal health, I help my clients identify key nutritional deficiencies and ways to address those opportunities in a sustainable and personalized way. Fiber is one of the nutrients that adults consume less. and children alike. I like to complement a plant-rich dietary approach with a smart supplement: organic fiber power+. Thanks to the various organic fibers (from guar beans, a trio of mushrooms and kiwi) and Bacillus subtilis strain, you get prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotic support in every scoop.”*

“My favorite (easy!) fiber addition to tea, coffee, smoothies, and more”

“Whether I’m cooking a meal for my family or helping my clients eat healthy to improve their health and longevity, I always take a realistic and enjoyable approach. Making beautiful food is something I love, and that’s why Fiber is central to my personal nutrition philosophy. Soluble and insoluble fibers are wonderful nutrients found in colorful foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and more. That’s why I’m so excited about the beautiful combination of organic mbg soluble and insoluble plant fibers organic fiber power+ It’s my favorite (easy!) fiber addition to tea, coffee, smoothies, and more.”

“Clinically shown to be gentle on the gut while promoting healthy stools and more”

“After researching fiber for over 15 years, I can certainly speak to the critical importance of consuming sufficient amounts of this essential nutrient daily, but also to the diverse set of health benefits that come with it! That’s why I’m impressed by the main soluble nutrients fiber in mbg+’s organic fiber powerhouse, Sunfiber®. This guar bean prebiotic fiber is low in FODMAP and is one of the most researched fibers. It has been clinically shown to be gentle on the intestine and at the same time time promotes healthy stools, regularity, SCFA production, gut microbial balance, satiety, healthy glucose and cholesterol levels, and more.”*

“Various range of plant fibers and a specific probiotic, all in one”

“One of the best forms of self-care I know is to consume nutritious, healthy nutrition. That’s why I love creating delicious recipes and helping clients infuse more nutritional benefits into their lives with ease, confidence and mindfulness. Since you can be very difficult To meet our daily fiber needs through diet alone, I recommend a daily dose of fiber through a mindbodygreen smart supplement: organic fiber power+. In addition to the pristine quality of this organic and vegan blend (without additives), the formula is also innovative, providing a wide range of plant fibers and a specific probiotic, all in one.”

“Organic fiber blend with pre, pro and postbiotic support – it’s a total win”

As a hormonal health coach, I always recommend that my clients increase their fiber intake, not only to help detoxify the body and balance their hormones daily, but also to help with satiety, gut immunity, and blood sugar balance. . As a chef, I look for clean, quality sources of fiber that won’t affect the flavor of my dishes. Finding an organic fiber blend that improves gut and whole-body health with pre, pro, and postbiotic support is a total win. I can’t wait to share organic fiber power+ with my clients and friends. mbg does it again with this amazing and smart product!”*

“I recommend a powerful, family-friendly, organic, vegan fiber blend that boosts the GI, from farm to table.”

“As an agricultural dietitian working on a 300-year-old family farm, I develop recipes and meals that provide opportunities for individuals and families (including mine) to maximize their gastrointestinal health through better relationships with food and nutrition Some of the key ingredients used in developing my menu are fruits and vegetables, two food groups known for their ability to nourish the gut microbiome, not just feed the belly. MBG developed its organic fiber+ potency using these same plant foods. whole grains as a base for your vegan diet. Powerful, family-friendly, GI-boosting organic fiber blend (one I recommend, from farm to table).”*

“Science-backed efficacy for gentle digestion as well as intestinal immunity and barrier integrity”

“As I am a nutritional ingredient research and development scientist, I have a keen eye and respect for innovative, high-quality products that are effective and useful in practice. The organic fiber powerhouse of mbg+ is all of these things. Along with A strain-resistant probiotic, this formula offers a vegan blend of organic plant fibers from guar bean, kiwi and even mushrooms. TriCelium™ organic whole mushroom blend (reishi, maitake and oyster varieties) provides functional mushrooms and their intrinsic beta-glucans – unique solubles Fibers with scientifically backed efficacy for smooth digestion as well as intestinal immunity and barrier integrity.”*

If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, consult with your doctor before starting a supplement routine. It is always optimal to consult with a healthcare provider when considering which supplements are right for you.

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