Ancient DNA Reveals Down Syndrome In 5,000-Year-Old Remains

Using DNA analysis, researchers were able to identify remains of several people with Down syndrome, offering clues about how societies thousands of years ago treated people with the condition. (Dream Time/TNS) Extensive DNA analysis of ancient remains has revealed past cases of Down syndrome, and potentially an archaeological first. The

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Changing Mindsets about Hearing Loss — Blog

Social misperceptions about hearing loss can prevent people from seeking the help they need. And even when we seek help, our doctors can minimize the condition, brushing it aside as a normal part of aging. The same goes for policymakers who have historically left hearing care out of many public

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New Mobility Newsletter – Feb. 16, 2024

New column Roadmaps: not what I imagined for us Acclaimed authors Rebekah Taussig and Hannah Soyer offer perspectives on the most confusing questions about living with a disability. First, how can you maintain a positive attitude toward your loved ones while also allowing yourself to grieve the loss of the

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Who’s to Blame if a Vehicle Hits a Pedestrian

Author: Ohio State UniversityPublished: 2024/02/13 – Updated: 2024/02/14Post type: Data/statistical analysis – Peer Reviewed: YeahContent: Summary – Major – Related Posts Synopsis: Importance of a safe system approach when designing roads to minimize the effects of human error and allow pedestrians and cars to move safely through cities. The findings

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AT Crossword #13: Your Sunday AT Crossword Puzzle

Embark on a reflective journey through our intricately designed crossword puzzle that aims to foster a deeper understanding of various learning and communication challenges. This puzzle features a collection of clues that will test your knowledge of certain conditions, delve into assistive technologies related to them, and explore the complexities

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