The Rivanna River Sauna • Kath Eats

A group of friends and I went to a private session at the Rivanna River Sauna. We alternated between a hot steam sauna and the freezing Rivanna River. Here’s the summary! Everyone smile! Saunas are having a good time Saunas are definitely having a year! I see more and more

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How to Combine Complementary Proteins on a Plant-Based Diet

Among the dietary challenges of vegetarians and vegans, perhaps none receives more attention than the eternal quest for enough protein. For those following a plant-based diet, it can be quite difficult to compete with the high protein density provided by meat and dairy products, but when you add the need

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Questified Bacon Cheeseburger Bites | Quest Blog

Cheat on Game Day Grub with Game Day Grub. Imagine a champion miniburger team storming the field in bacon T-shirts, ready to face their hunger. They are the perfect game for your big game hunting using Quest Cheese Crackers, scoring with every bite. A landing dance for your taste buds!

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My First Colonic: Best Poop Ever

In an effort to advance my wellness journey, it seemed right to experience the ultimate detox..a colon. Have you ever reached the point in your wellness journey where you want to try something new or feel ready to take your wellness to the next level? That’s how I felt not

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My Little Loves • Kath Eats

A little bit of life lately with my loves! Happy Valentines Day! Just a couple of professional photos of my sweethearts because really…. ….This is our real life! We’ve started playing all the card games with Birch! One, go fishing, old maid. If you don’t have the small hands card

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Tea vs. Coffee: Which Drink Is Better for You?

In Shakespeare’s time, ordinary people believed that the body contained four essential “humors,” including blood and bile. Today, many of us would add to that list the coffee and tea that seem to run through our veins. Many of us can’t (or don’t want to) start the day without one

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Questified Red Velvet Lava Cakes

Cheat on Red Velvet with Red Velvet. The dessert with a Valentine’s secret: a chocolate heart so sticky that it is practically scandalous. Using a Quest Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie – perfect for those who believe love should be sweet, messy and full of chocolate. Check out the full

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How Safe Is Alternate-Day Intermittent Fasting? 

Eating every other day can increase cholesterol. Are Are there any disadvantages to fasting every other day? For example, you could go Does going without food all day affect your ability to think clearly? Surprisingly, as I explain in my video Is alternate day intermittent fasting safe?, the results appear

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Sex AfterGlow: Is It Really a Thing?

Are you continually in search of healthy and glowing skin? Of course, you can include topical vitamin C and similar brightening actives in your skincare regimen… but there are other *creative* ways to achieve a lit-from-within complexion. Perhaps the most fun of all: doing a regular activity before bed. Yes,

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The 15 Best Light Dinner Ideas • Kath Eats

Looking for a healthy meal that won’t weigh you down? These light dinner ideas made with real food ingredients are tasty and filling. After a season of celebrations, many people are looking for the best ideas for light dinners. I have always liked the saying “Eat breakfast like a king/queen,

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Questified Cheesy Ranch Potato Skins

Cheat on potato skins with potato skins. For National Tortilla Day, we bow to the Wild West. These skins using Ranchera Quest Tokens They are a stampede of flavors for your taste buds. Proving that even the humblest potatoes can join the party in style. Check out the full recipe

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