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Oh Christmas Tree(s) – Holiday 2022 Wrap Up

As a Christmas tree maximalist, I was hoping to share more Christmas decorating content this year. It turns out that November and December were like the rest of the year for me here on the blog: very quiet. I shared a lot of vacation home decor on Instagram Storiesand even

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Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie

February 21, 2024 17 Comments This Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie is a dream. I love adding the word “cheesecake” to any recipe I can find. Who doesn’t want to read about cheesecake? If this blog were more fun, I could also rant about meatloaf (my favorites are Daniel Craig and Edris

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Ep214: Should You Cut Carbs Or Fat to Lose Weight?

In This episode, Tina dives into the age-old debate: Should you cut carbs or fat to lose weight? With so much conflicting information, it can be difficult to find the best approach to lose weight effectively. Tina highlights the pros and cons of the carb vs. fat debate and the

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Plans are just a backup when you’re having fun

I didn’t post Wednesday’s weigh-in yesterday because I wanted to spend the day with Jerry and leave my computer alone. He loved the Valentine’s gifts I gave him. Our day didn’t go as planned, but we had a lot of fun. He surprised me by taking the day off. Jerry

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Introducing Vitality – The Fitnessista

Vitality is my new signature wellness program designed for exhausted moms who want more joy, optimal health, and vitality in their lives. Hello friends! Happy Thursday! I hope you’re enjoying the week so far. It’s been good around here. We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day as a family and are

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Universal Standard US Club + Discount

Divulgation: This blog post is not sponsored by Universal Standard, but I received a free Club Box (US) in exchange for showing off the set on Instagram. If you use my link or coupon code in this post to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission on the

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The Easiest Bagel Recipe on the Planet

February 13, 2024 42 Comments 2 ingredient dough bagels? Yeah! Frankly, I was skeptical of this famous Weight Watcher’s recipe. I’m a bagel snob. You’ll never find a fake supermarket bagel in my house. As a former New Yorker, I also travel to Quebec every year. Have you ever tried

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Ep213: Should Women Take Creatine?

In This episode, Tina shares her personal experience with creatine and discusses its benefits in terms of muscle development, recovery, brain health, mood, hormones, and more. She also discusses the different approaches to using creatine as a supplement and how to choose one. Tina talks about: Benefits of creatine for

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Runs for Cookies: Valentine’s Day

Ever since Noah moved out (well, for the last few years, if I’m honest!), I’ve started to regret it. I’m not just talking about big decisions, but about regret in the little things. I wish I had said “yes” more; they put off buying children’s mobile phones longer; taught them

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why I didn’t like the MyDNAge test

(and not just because I’m angry with my results) Hello friends! How are you? Did you have a good weekend? What did you do for the Super Bowl? We went to an amazing event (I’ll share the details on Friday Faves) and the family came to see the Usher concert…I

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Model and Me: Eloquii Dress

Beyond instagram and Tik Tok, I started experimenting with a new “Model and Me” review format. I show the photo of the model in the item I ordered and then share how it looks on me. One of the hardest parts about shopping online, especially in plus sizes, is that

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Roasted Veggie Chili on a Sheet Pan

February 6, 2024 eleven Comments This sheet pan roasted vegetable chili is so easy! You only need to clean one pan after preparing it. Why would you make chili on a baking sheet? I know it sounds crazy but it allows you to roast cauliflower and a poblano pepper. Have

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