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Social Determinants of Health – familydoctor.org

There are many factors that influence our health. These factors are known as health determinants. One type of health determinant is what is in our genes and our biology. Another determinant is our individual behavior, which includes the decisions we make, such as smoking, exercise habits or the types of

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Oh Christmas Tree(s) – Holiday 2022 Wrap Up

As a Christmas tree maximalist, I was hoping to share more Christmas decorating content this year. It turns out that November and December were like the rest of the year for me here on the blog: very quiet. I shared a lot of vacation home decor on Instagram Storiesand even

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7-day Dr. Cabral EquiLife Detox (details here!)

Sharing details about the next Dr. Cabral EquiLife detox in 7 days I will do it together with my community. If you would like to join, check out the details below! You also can Click here and use FITNESSISTA20 with a 20% discount. Hey hey! Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re

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Ancient DNA Reveals Down Syndrome In 5,000-Year-Old Remains

Using DNA analysis, researchers were able to identify remains of several people with Down syndrome, offering clues about how societies thousands of years ago treated people with the condition. (Dream Time/TNS) Extensive DNA analysis of ancient remains has revealed past cases of Down syndrome, and potentially an archaeological first. The

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The Rivanna River Sauna • Kath Eats

A group of friends and I went to a private session at the Rivanna River Sauna. We alternated between a hot steam sauna and the freezing Rivanna River. Here’s the summary! Everyone smile! Saunas are having a good time Saunas are definitely having a year! I see more and more

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Aspirus Plans $30M Renovation At Keweenaw Hospital In Laurium, Michigan

Aspirus Health (Wausau, Wisconsin) is planning a $30 million renovation and expansion project at its Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital in Laurium, Michigan, according to the website uppermichiganssource.com. The project will include modernizing the hospital infrastructure and inpatient rooms. Along with improvements at Keweenaw Hospital, the nonprofit health system will transform its

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Understanding The Fear Of Love And Intimacy

The experience of love, care, and intimacy is deeply woven into every fiber of human relationships. For some people, these expressions can provoke unexpected reactions, ranging from discomfort to outright fear. I have been reading a lot about fear of love and intimacy and in this blog post I will

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Anne Fulenwider Talks Heart Health, Telehealth and More

February is American Heart Month. In 2016, Anne Fulenwider’s mother died of a heart attack. Fulenwider knew that her mother’s side of the family had a history of heart problems (her uncle suffered a fatal heart attack at age 40), but her mother’s heart health had been monitored since she

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Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie

February 21, 2024 17 Comments This Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie is a dream. I love adding the word “cheesecake” to any recipe I can find. Who doesn’t want to read about cheesecake? If this blog were more fun, I could also rant about meatloaf (my favorites are Daniel Craig and Edris

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Hartford HealthCare Opens Center for AI Innovation

Connecticut-based Hartford HealthCare has unveiled a Center for AI Innovation in Healthcare. The health system has a wide scope. It includes two tertiary teaching hospitals, an acute care community teaching hospital, an acute care hospital and a trauma center, three community hospitals, a behavioral health network, a multispecialty physician group,

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