Summer Shape Up 2023 Winners!

Winners of Summer Shape Up 2023!

Our team is continually impressed by our LSF community. All the women in this community worked hard on this challenge and we are so proud of each and every one of you! You all finished strong in this 6 Week Challenge that will help you create amazing habits that will last a lifetime. Thank you for pushing yourselves and our community to be the best we can be!

We wanted to bring the intensity back with this challenge: in our workouts, our nutrition, our weekly prizes, and most importantly, our grand prize (a free trip for two to HAWAII)! We brought back the Responsibility Groups to connect members with each other and support each other during the 6 week challenge. We’ve introduced new videos to the MOVE app, all targeting specific areas of the body to really feel that burn. We also reintroduced weekly giveaways for our #teamlsf community, which continues to be the most loyal and supportive fitness community out there!

Now is the time to congratulate our SSU23 winners! These inspiring women not only have amazing transformation photos but also the most heartwarming stories!


Dara B. (dara_lsf_compassionatehouse) – Total pounds lost: 8

Dara’s Story:

“I was very excited about this summer fitness workout because it aligned me with the goal of reaching new fitness goals. I’ve been training pretty steadily, but I didn’t see much change anymore. I felt like I might never reach my goals.”

“We started the challenge the day I went to camp… I thought it was going to be hard. I packed lots of healthy snacks and all my LSF nutrition went with me to help the temptations go away. Then I took a look at the 14 day eating plan to detox and help my body after camp. It felt so good! Then, for our beach trip a couple of weeks ago, I looked at the meal plan and we packed food for that week’s menu.”

“My dad says how much more time do you have to eat like this. Because he loves French fries… and not sweet potatoes. I would say “forever” and then laugh. I said this will continue when the challenge ends. I want this to be a lifestyle. I had my mom and grandma doing the 10 a day every night and following the meal plans. It was amazing because they are both trying to lose weight. “It has been incredible to progress as a family and see us grow stronger physically but also mentally.”

“I liked the accountability groups because they made them less overwhelming. “I set aside time each day to stop by #teamlsf because all those smiles and ‘ugh’ faces motivated me to keep going and cheer on the girls.”


Natasha P. (@tatatashie)– Total pounds lost: 15

Natasha’s story

“I’ve always said this is my forever journey and it is, but sometimes we hit a bump in the road and we have to fix it and get back on. I no longer felt like myself for not losing 20 pounds of my weight by having my first child and then adding another 22 pounds that I didn’t lose with my second child. Weight is just a number, but I was tired every day and had no energy. I want my minis to see me as a positive role model.”

“When I saw this challenge, I wanted to feel like myself again. I wanted to be happy, feel good in my clothes, and most importantly take care of my family. I was determined to give myself that self-love, because I am a happy person. I am beyond blessed that GOD has given me this beautiful body to move with. I now have the energy to pursue my family and be the best version of myself for myself and for them. Never underestimate your mind and your body. When I started this challenge, I was wondering how I would do it with two kids. It wasn’t easy at first and there are still tough days, but there came a time when my little one loved working out with me every day and saw how happy I was becoming myself again. Creating a routine again has made my heart and soul very happy.”

“I have learned that it is okay to have time to be the best version of myself. I truly believe that exercise is like medicine. It took away my depression, anxiety and body aches. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart that I don’t think this community is enough to bring me back to life.”

kim c. (@KKgetfit_LSF)– Total pounds lost: 9

Kim’s story

“First of all, I want to start by saying that Summer Shape Up completely changed my life. I’ve done other LSF challenges before, but I got sidetracked for a while after my breakup and after seeing posts about SSU starting up, I decided to do it!

“This challenge was ALL I needed to get back on the path to a healthier lifestyle. SSU and Teamlsf It motivated me to show up EVERY day to exercise and live a healthier lifestyle. Every day I felt stronger and more motivated to continue with this new healthy routine that I made for myself. “I started working out every day before work because I knew mentally and physically I would feel better.”

“I ended up losing 9 pounds with this challenge, but the biggest change for me is that I not only feel better physically but, more importantly, mentally. I am using HBMP and The move app to continue this healthy lifestyle even though SSU has ended. I am so grateful for Katie and Teamlsf For everything they did for me during this challenge because I am officially a happier, healthier version of myself thanks to them and SSU!

Amber O. (@Ambero_LSF)- Total pounds lost: 10

Amber’s story

“I will be 6 months postpartum on Sunday the 27th and after having my first baby everything was new for me. My body, my emotions, my habits (or lack thereof) and I knew I needed something to give me a boost. So, I went to my tried and true LSF, where I knew I could make a difference if I really tried. The SSU challenge came at a perfect time as I was feeling a little stuck and self-conscious about my new body that I was proud of and ashamed of all at the same time. Which in turn made me feel embarrassed for a body that just created something incredible. That’s where the negative spiral began. Then SSU came along and it was perfect. I loved the new accountability guidelines so everyone can really show off their hard work and the groups were a fun added bonus!

“I did the best I could with my baby and decided it was time to stop making excuses. When she took her first nap, that’s when I exercised, and if that didn’t work, she promised to do it at night. There were a total of 4 days that I took as a complete rest day during the entire challenge. I learned to listen to my body and put my mental health first so the rest would follow. And boy has she ever done it! I followed my routine, followed the HBMP guidelines, the Guiltless Nutrition guide, the LSF protein (the best), and of course, the encouragement of the wonderful community. These girls are so strong, beautiful, kind and motivating. It’s not often you find that these days (especially online) and I can safely say that I think that’s how LSF thrives so much!! She is the epitome of women supporting women (besides Ryan+Luke lol) and grateful is an understatement.”

“For me my photos are worth 1000 words because I didn’t really notice my change until I saw them. I didn’t get on the scale at all because it was a demon from my past and I focused on how I felt. My clothes fit better, I felt much stronger, my mood improved, and I felt beautiful again. Not because of the image, but because of the inner transformation. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come in just 6 weeks and I can’t wait for the next challenge with everyone. Thank you, thank you for always being my place of comfort and motivation, all in one.”


Our Pink Heart Award goes to a member of the #teamLSF community who not only remained dedicated to her own fitness journey, but was also extremely encouraging of her fellow #teamlsf members! In each challenge we ask members to feature people who motivated them and were a source of positivity and encouragement throughout the challenge.

By far the member who received the most thanks was Cambria D. (@motivated_mama_lsf). Cambria lost 10 pounds herself! Thank you Cambria for encouraging all members of the #teamlsf community during this challenge!


We received SO many amazing submissions for this challenge that it was almost impossible to simply highlight our grand prize winner, finalists, and Pink Heart recipient. We wanted to highlight these amazing members who also had crazy transformations and heartwarming stories!

From left to right: @Tiffanymp_lsf, @lsfmoni, @lovesweatcatherine_lsf

From left to right: @Toriis_reallsf, @ashleyygarzon, @kaylierey_lsf

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Summer Shape Up 2023 challenge! We are looking forward to the next challenge with all of you!

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