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Exciting news! Size-inclusive brand Universal standard will arrive in Louisville March 7-10. He shops with his stylists and experiences the brand firsthand. With sizes 00-40, excellent fit and quality, I know you will find something you will love. I already made my appointment and wanted to share the details with you so we can show you that we are a city worth visiting! There are literally 2 plus size stores I can shop in person in this city, so when an inclusive brand like this comes out, I want them to come back. 😭 I’m taking a non-plus friend and I’m so excited to be able to shop the same styles in the same place; It shouldn’t be news, but it is.

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What is the Universal Standard on Tour?

(United States) on tour It can be considered as a traveling pop-up store or styling event. American stylists travel the country and set up shop in an Airbnb for a weekend so people can try on the styles in person, understand the fit and feel the clothes firsthand. An appointment is made for a 1-hour time slot. You can book an appointment for yourself or you+1 if you want to shop with a friend. Their stylists will help you find some clothes to try on and give you suggestions if you want them.

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3 of my favorite Universal Standard sets from February and March

ATENEA LONG SLEEVE DRESS – I also have the sleeveless version.
Velvet Knit Wrap Dress
Better than wool cardigan
Joni High-Rise Curved Jeans

When will Universal Standard be in Louisville?

March 7-10, 2024. Appointment slots are limited, so book as soon as possible.

Where will Universal Standard be in Louisville?

They will settle in an Airbnb in the Highlands; The exact address will be shared with you once you book your appointment.

Do I have to buy something at a universal standard Pop-Up?

No! You can try things on and leave without ordering anything. If you choose to order something, it will be shipped to your home as the styles in the pop-up are just samples.

Is there a universal standard discount code?

Yeah! If you place an order (at the event or after) you can use my code INFS-AMBAUTHEMMIE with a 10% discount.

How do I sign up for an appointment?

You can book an appointment for Louisville or other cities on the United States on tour page.

Here’s a quick look at other cities America will be visiting soon. To book an appointment or discover more cities, you can visit this page.

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In March 2024, Universal Standard will visit Louisville, KY, Salt Lake City, UT, Raleigh, NC, Phoenix, AZ, Sacramento, CA and Las Vegas, NV.

I have a LOT of Universal Standard in my closet, so if you want to peruse some of the styles on a non-model, you can check out some blog posts here or visit my instagram.

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