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Inside: Need inspiration for a holiday gift? Here are over a dozen of my favorite things and they all make great gifts.

Remember those December days you spend aimlessly wandering through Target or panicking through Amazon, desperately searching for a gift for the unbuyable person in your life?

let’s agree NO do it this year!

Gift guides can be a huge help, especially if it is a curated list of items that someone has first-hand experience with. As usual with my gift guides, these are ALL items that I own, have tried or have gifted (or received) myself.

standing herb garden: My mother-in-law sent me one of these. VegTrug 8 Hole Herb Gardens for my birthday and it adds a lot of beauty and joy to my yard. I alternate fresh herbs and flowers in the pockets and can cut fresh twigs when I need them for a recipe.

Electric kettle & good tea: This super affordable electric kettle is one of my favorite purchases of the year. It boils water in just a few minutes and is large enough to hold several cups. Give the teapot to your favorite tea drinker along with some tea from The tea place (I’m also a fan of chai).

Recycled Sari Apron: I already have a ton of aprons, but I had to get this one when I saw it at Servv International, a fair trade organization that partners with artisans and farmers around the world to create sustainable employment, resources, rights, and hope in their communities. The apron is made from recycled denim and sarees and hand-sewn by artisans in Bangladesh. It has two pockets and an adjustable strap. I also bought one of their hand sewn ones. Kantha potholders.

The cutest dryer balls ever created: Wool dryer balls speed up drying time, soften clothes, and combat static. Hustle and Blush makes these “Fluff Ewes” in different adorable patterns, like “Are We There Yet” (shown above) and “Hedgehog and Homies.” These would make a fun gift for a college student or other young adult in his life.

DIY Charcuterie Board Kit: Platterful Charcuterie Kits come with everything you need for a beautiful cheese/charcuterie board (minus fresh fruits and vegetables) and a diagram of how to organize everything. Choose from different sizes and give it as a subscription or one-time gift. Some kits also come with a wooden board. I made one for a neighborhood gathering and in about ten minutes I had an impressive looking layout. Explore options at full plate.

Additional idea: He BaKIT box is designed for elementary school children and includes ingredients for three globally inspired recipes, such as Za’atar flatbread, churros, and Japanese black sesame seed cookies, plus games and activities. Give it as a one-time gift or as a subscription.

The hairiest fleece: I was actually waiting for it to cool down so I could use this! Even though I’m over the cold temperatures, I still love the softest coat I’ve ever owned. He LLBean High Pile Fleece Jacket It comes in regular, plus, petite and in various colors.

Lightweight crossbody bag: I love the look and ease of crossbody bags, but they always hurt my shoulder. This not! my friend has this Quince Foldable Nylon Crossbody Bag, and I admired it for so long that I bought one for myself (I chose Ash Grey). It comes in various colors, with an adjustable strap and multiple pockets, and is made from 11 recycled water bottles.

Stylish earplugs: These Loop earplugs Filters sound waves instead of blocking them. So you still listen, they just turn the volume down. I wore a pair to a Duran Duran show and heard every incredible note, but I didn’t come home with ringing in my ears. There are a couple for different purposes: sleeping, listening to live music, raising rowdy kids (for real), going to a party, riding a motorcycle, and more. They also come in fun colors.

personal color card This is on all of my gift guides because it’s just that good. Knowing the colors that look best (and worst) on you is a game-changer when it comes to shopping and cleaning out your closet. How it works: you upload photos of yourself to My color guru and get a custom color card with the exact shades that best suit your needs. All my friends have this and now they give it to their friends, husbands and children. use my code KINGDOM to get a 10% discount (I’m an affiliate).

Additional idea: Get a hard-to-buy-for gift for the teen or college kid in your life. stitch arrangement box. We got one for my 15 year old son (because following my fashion advice is a hard NO right now) and he ended up liking them and keeping several stylish items. use my link and we will both get a discount.

Extra nice to-do list: If you have a serial to-do list maker (like me) in your life, they’ll appreciate sprucing up their daily to-do list. This color block numbered notepad is from Rifle and Co., who creates the cutest designs for fans of old school pencil and paper. Give it as a gift along with some pretty pens. I am partial to Pentel EnerGel Pens.

Calming calendar: A year of daily inspiration, wise quotes, and quick mindfulness exercises. I added a few of these to my bulletin board as good reminders, texted some of the quotes to friends, and appreciated the daily reminders to get them out of my head. Find it in Reference books either Amazon.

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