New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 239

Research of the week

Mechanistic link between low zinc levels and diabetes.

There is no link between red or processed meat and pancreatic cancer.

Of carbohydrates, fruits and non-starchy vegetables are related to less weight gain; starch and sugar are the most…

Exercise for depression works..

How LEDs affect nutrient levels in kale..

New primary cooking podcasts

Primary Cooking Podcast: So what is your gut telling you?

Primary Health Coach Radio: Rebecca Tracey

Media, Schmedia

The New Yorker examine The carnivore movement.

Interesting blog posts

TO genocide You don’t hear much about it.

Social notes

Why you need to get as much sun as you can.

Everything else

Shoot down of the new Nordic Nutrition Recommendations.

Things I’m doing that interest me

Interesting supplement to consider: Curcumin for blood glucose levels..

Not surprised: Most scientists Processed food companies used the recommendations of a recent panel that recommended the consumption of ultra-processed foods.

As I said: Lab-grown meat will never take off.

Important: The scientist who thinks she knows why testosterone levels have fallen around the world.

Good results: Older dialysis patients respond well to group strength training (also known as rest-pause training).

Question what am I doing?

How does your exercise change as the weather changes?

Recipe corner

Time capsule

One year ago (September 23 – September 29)

Comment of the week

“’According to the cat study-
my experience with my cat Shiva-
He’s approaching 16 and can’t hunt anymore because the hair irritated his esophagus and he vomited all the time…he was getting weaker and weaker…I didn’t want to give him medication so I bought organic chicken. livers…she gobbled them up, then I gave her grass fed chicken heart and hearts, I’m going to try grass fed kidneys this week…looks amazing! Her fur is now healthy and she is gaining weight…the vet has always told me she is the healthiest cat I have ever seen, never fleas or worms, but she was an accomplished hunter, averaging two gophers a day, which I could hunt. take it to our lawn and consume it entirely in less than 5 minutes…sometimes, if you just looked away, it would disappear, not a hair left…when he lost this ability, he began to decline very quickly, the organs They are recovering their strength. and vitality daily, she is getting older!!!!

-Nice story of a decidedly non-vegan cat..


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