Model and Me: Eloquii Dress

Beyond instagram and Tik Tok, I started experimenting with a new “Model and Me” review format. I show the photo of the model in the item I ordered and then share how it looks on me. One of the hardest parts about shopping online, especially in plus sizes, is that there is a lot of variation in how an item fits. I have brand name styles in sizes 22-32 that fit me right now. As someone on the larger side, there are very, very rarely models my size on websites, so it’s a total guessing game.

The goal of the series is simply to provide another piece of information to someone trying to make a decision about whether or not to buy something. Maybe it encourages someone to try a new brand or perhaps a style they couldn’t imagine on their body.

what is the series NO It’s a comparison. It’s not model VS me, or “who wore it better?” We spend enough time comparing ourselves to others, there’s no need to discuss it!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on them and buy something, I earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my work!

The first thing is a sweater dress eloquii. It gives me Chanel vibes with black and white, gold trim and buttons. It is available in sizes 14-32.

Model and Me: Eloquii Dress 2

For reference, I’m usually a plus size 28, apple-shaped, and have a larger lower abdomen. I am 5’10 with a long torso and short legs.

Eloquii is starting to release some of their styles in sizes 30/32, and this was one of them. I was worried that the dress would be too tight in the lower abdomen or hips, so I sized up and ordered this dress in that size to mitigate that potential.

Model and Me: Eloquii Dress 3
Model and Me: Eloquii Dress 4

The dress is a fantastic material – it’s not a super stretchy open knit sweater. It is a tightly woven, thick (but not too thick) material with good bounce. It felt very luxurious.

It has a full button placket, so you can wear it open like a cardigan or layer it and add a belt – there are so many options. I could have ordered my usual size in this one, but overall I was happy so I kept the dress.

Model and Me: Eloquii 5 Dress

look at the review here:

Shop the look:

Model and Me: Eloquii 6 Dress

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