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I’m sharing some photos of the holiday season, our new art, and other cheery things before we close KERF headquarters for the holidays.

Ho Ho How are you?

We are ready for Christmas! The boys’ last day of school was the 15th, so this week has been full of activities. Like last year, I plan to stop publishing new blog posts and newsletters while the kids return from school for winter break. So this is probably my last post until 2024! (We’re embarking on a holiday family trip today, so I may end up posting a quick recap of that on Monday if there are lots of pictures!)

Our tree is back in its happy corner of the living room/dining room!

Aunt Layton’s New Star Wars Ornament!

The wreath is back on the door, but this year with a different door and a different color!

Same socks, new coat.

There are more subtle hints of the season, like this gold pineapple on the built-ins.

lindsay lettering art

A not so subtle addition to the living room is our new lindsay lettering art. We decided on Plant shop for its color palette and illuminates our neutral room!

I love that there are framing options so you don’t have to do that part yourself. We opted for light wood to match our floors/mantel.

I also bought this birch print on impulse. Birch had to have it for her room! We have the same painting. I love him too!

Christmas Brunch + Pub Crawl

The highlight of this holiday season was a Christmas brunch followed by a pub crawl.

My favorite costume for the holidays is my Mrs. Claus apron I got it years ago. I love that I can wear it over an all black outfit and be able to take it off at any time!

We got together with a large group of friends, dressed up, and played party games. I didn’t drink 12 drinks during the 12 days of Christmas: I had a lot of water + mocktails + some real drinks.

Other Christmas season activities

Happy 70th John Donne!

Making gingerbread cookies!

We use this recipe.

Hello clay set

I HIGHLY recommend this clay set.! It comes with an iPad app that shows your child step by step how to build. While Birch needs supervision, he is great at building them! The only downside is that each set of instructions costs $0.99. But so far it’s been worth the $10 investment!

Put new tires on our car.

Merry Christmas to us (ugh). I worked at a nearby coffee shop while the Highlander was under anesthesia.

Lots of fun at Decades Arcade

Cville’s best rainy day activity!

shark robot

Sending Robot Shark to timeout after he tried to eat Birch’s lined up Legos while we were away.

Christmas fashion

I love a good Mrs. Claus apron that I can wear over any festive dress and arrive with character 🙂

I bought these two dresses from Tale (a clothing delivery company for those under 5’4″!) and they were both guardians. A classic black with a scarf background.

And this pretty long green dress!

I also bought a new bag. I really wanted a lightweight canvas or nylon backpack style bag to use when walking or moving, and found this one from ORI London More Black Friday on sale!

It’s the perfect size, super lightweight, and fits on my laptop (barely!)

I was gifted These Lake pajamas Here’s to my wonderful GO Hillary and I LOVE you! They are the perfect length and are very soft!

Have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!

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