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What are you most afraid of? For many of us, public speaking is our biggest fear. According to research, the main fears that people tend to have are:

Fear of failure, not being good enough, and disappointing others, which could be why research shows Scared of speaking in public It is one of the most common fears that humans experience.

Fear of various animals, including spiders, dogs, and snakes, is often experienced as a phobia. Other phobias may include those of closed spaces or heights.

And of course, a very common fear is the fear of death. Death anxiety can be real for many of us, studies show.

However, facing our fears can be difficult, but doing so can also be truly liberating. Understanding and incorporating the acceptance of fear into our lives is a productive step towards functionality and positive life development. research suggests.

With our help you can free yourself from some aspects of this anxiety by making a will, free of charge.

Let us help you make a will and help others by leaving a gift to MQ Mental Health Research.

This is where making a will can help us deal with the fear of dying and some of the fears of what will become of us, what we will leave behind.

While anxiety can arise when thinking about our own death, it is important to keep in mind that part of that anxiety may be the stress that arises from the loved ones we leave behind. Grief is one of the most stressful experiences we can go through as human beings. science suggests. So by making a will, we are not only relieving stress for ourselves while we are alive, but we are also relieving stress for our loved ones after we are gone.

Making a will doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be hopeful, it can be easy, and with our help, it can be free.

If making a will is something you have considered but don’t know how to do it, MQ Mental Health Research can help.

We are part of ‘Free Will’ month, where you can count on free help to make a will, completely free of charge. This happens a couple of times a year, in October and March.

We are part of the Farewill movement. We have now partnered with Farewell, the UK’s number one online will writing service, to offer an online will (for individuals or couples) at no cost to our supporters. Writing your will with Farewill is easy. You can do it online in just 30 minutes following this link.

Empower yourself by making a free will with our help. Empower others by leaving a gift to MQ Mental Health Research in your will.

You don’t have to leave a gift in your will to MQ, but if you do, you’ll help people in future generations have a mentally healthier future.

While making a will may not seem like something many people want to think about until perhaps poor health or having children changes our circumstances or perspectives, it can be a very enriching experience. Who we are and how we live can be so much more than just financially: our ideas, our memories, our impact on the world around us can be through our kindness to others, our creations, what we have built throughout our lives. life and our relationships.

However, when it comes to financial assets, it can be helpful to have help when considering what will happen to those assets after we pass away.

You, like many of us, think about what happens after you pass, you might think about what you will leave behind. Perhaps you have considered leaving the gift of a mentally healthier future to others. In fact, the unexpected loss of a loved one increases the risk of psychiatric illnesses, research suggests. So there are many reasons to consider leaving a gift in your will to MQ Mental Health Research.

Leave a legacy to MQ Mental Health Research and you will leave money to help researchers promote positive changes so future generations can live happier, healthier lives.

MQ Mental Health Research supports the best and brightest scientists and researchers around the world to help us understand and find better ways to deal with mental illnesses such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and schizophrenia.

But we can’t do this without your support. Funding for research into mental illnesses lags far behind that of physical illnesses, and without research we won’t be able to find better treatments and preventions.

Leave a legacy as a donation to MQ Mental Health Research and you will leave more than money. You will give up hope.


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