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Hallween recap and a little bit of life lately!

Halloween was fun!

Cue Blippi’s musicI’ve been singing that song all week! IYKYK!

We were so glad it didn’t rain this year. It was actually the perfect Halloween day: cloudy, spooky and cold!

The Frame TV had the spirit:

This year, Mazen was invited to go trick-or-treating with his friends in another neighborhood. He broke my heart a little for Birch, who was very bummed about it. Mazen was torn, but he thought hard and agreed to go with Birch to the mall on Saturday.

The big ones were quite scary:

I wore my usual black wig and added a light-up unicorn headband that I found on sale at Target last year. Always buy accessories on sale!

Thomas…aka Chuckie…just no. Ha ha.

Birch received tons of praise for her costume, especially with her red lightsaber leading the way. He was very cute.

we had green chef Soup before heading into town for Resee’s and Butterfingers!

Mazen returned home with kilos and kilos of candy.

All year long, you never know what kind of creepy guy will show up in my rearview mirror.

autumn friends

The two boys have been having a great time with their friends lately! We went to R’s birthday party and Birch had a blast jumping around and enjoying the Kona ice for his dinner (laughs).


Mazen and his friends went to the Blue Ridge Corn Maze and tried to spell MAZEN! Epic!!!

Taylor Swift show

Nest Realty + Karen Ball invited us to get free tickets to Taylor Swift’s concert at Violet Crown! Meg joined me and WE LOVED IT! When they showed clips of the stadium, I was actually very happy with my comfortable front row seat. This was a great way to see a concert! Total respect for Taylor.

Cousin love <3

Survivor Challenge

Greer Elementary has the best playground in town! The boys played Survivor Challenge throughout the obstacle course. Maybe if I don’t appear on the show, they will!

Date night with my best friend

autumn foods

Pumpkin Oatmeal with Chia Seeds, Biscoff, and WHIPPED CREAM! OMG, was this a delicious dish full of goodness before my soccer game on Sunday!

Whipped cream has made its way to waffles too!

And in pumpkin yogurt.

Panko Shrimp Blue Apron

I love anything crunchy in my dinner meals!

This shrimp and zucchini dish was excellent.

We also attended our neighborhood block party with Farmacy Food Truck. Our neighbor Annie hosts this event several times a year and it is always a lot of fun. My order is usually an “adult quesadilla,” which means it is filled with mushrooms, kale, peppers, and cheese.

Some of the fine Blue Apron dinners we’ve had:

Steak with roast potatoes and red wine

Leftovers from the shrimp dinner above! Cook once, eat twice.

Barramundi with apricot glaze. I loved this one! (That wine is the new Surely NA red mix!)

We’ve been loving the white creatives Carbon Steel Pan for Browning Things – Look at that perfect crispy fish!

cozy autumn

It’s time for you sleeping bag for stroller get back out on those 40 degree mornings. Birch loves it: it’s very hot. He has been asking to go out and walk the last few blocks to school so as not to show up in a “baby stroller.” That’s fine with me!

I’m glad our warm spell is over because it’s time for fireplace season! I love our new TV shelf and frame!!!!!

Thomas is preparing the garden for winter with your new electric lawnmower. It’s very quiet!

I love the shades of the sun in the house at this time of day.

Happy November! Happy Birthday Dad!

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