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Are you looking for the best sports pants for women? I crowdsourced the KERF audience to discover their favorites! It’s the fit time of year! If you’re looking for some new workout gear to make this year your healthiest, this post features all my favorite leggings and joggers, perfect for life on the go!

10 Best Women’s Sweatpants

Let’s be honest, I live in tights thanks to the WFH life. Leggings are a staple of my “mom uniform.” I also try to be active daily, so sweatpants are practical for my lifestyle. It’s like when I wear a sports bra, I’m more likely to get extra movement throughout the day. Life in tights means more steps!

I know how that perfect pair of sweatpants can make you feel confident and comfortable during your workout. You know what I’m talking about…the couple you wish were clean when they’re in the laundry basket.

Over the years, I’ve tried too many different types of leggings to count, from twenty dollar Target leggings to the best of the best. Spoiler alert: some of my favorite leggings are under $30! I think my current favorites, however, are Nike!

If you’re like me and activewear rules your wardrobe, then you probably know that every pair of sweatpants has a purpose: some are better for biking, others are made to be worn on the yoga mat, and then there are those in the that you relax, live, travel or chase children. My favorites have to be high waisted and medium compression, but I also love loose joggers and high compression leggings for other activities!

I consulted the KERF audience to discover their favorite sweatpants for women. With a variety of budgets and activities in mind to inspire your workout wardrobe, here are your favorites (including my must-haves).

10 Best Women’s Sweatpants

In no particular order, here are the leggings and sweatpants that everyone thinks are the best of the best. Affiliate links included.


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