Robooter X and E Series Are Revolutionizing Mobility with Advanced Ergonomics and Technology

Robooter presents innovative X40 electric wheelchair at CES

Robooter, a leading manufacturer of autonomous mobility devices, introduced its innovative electric wheelchair, the X40, at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This event, with 3,275 exhibitors, is an important platform for companies like Robooter to showcase their products. The X40, a semi-outdoor power folding wheelchair, won an IF Design award and features omni-directional wheels, remote control and adjustable speed for added safety. It is designed for smooth operation on various surfaces, offers ample legroom and a long-lasting battery for easy navigation.

In addition to the X40, Robooter introduced the E Series in 2023, further diversifying its product range. The E Series focuses on indoor and outdoor adaptability for seniors and people with disabilities. The E40 Indoor Folding Wheelchair is easy to use, with a two-step folding mechanism and ergonomic design. For outdoor use, the E60 series includes models with large omni-directional wheels and shock-absorbing springs, ideal for navigating complex terrain and easily fitting into car trunks for travel.

Robooter emphasizes its commitment to the US market through partnerships and participation in events such as CES. CEO Jiangguo Li highlighted the company’s mission to use artificial intelligence and robotics to improve the lives of people with lower extremity disabilities, promoting “compassionate technology.” Robooter products, such as the X40 and E series, exemplify this philosophy. The company’s integration of smart infrastructure, artificial intelligence and computer vision into its autonomous mobility solutions redefines accessibility and user experience, improving the way the world connects and interacts.

Learn more about the X40 and E40 by watching the videos below and visiting Rebooter Website.

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