New Mobility Newsletter — Dec. 5, 2023

Opens in a new windowSeven Christmas Gift Ideas for Wheelchair Users: $100 or Less

Almost everything seems expensive these days, which is why we look for the best deals on adaptable products. Here are seven reasonably priced items: from wheelchair slippers to a waterproof leg jacket, a spill-free hot water kettle and more.

Opens in a new windowMagic 360 power chair designed for indoor and off-road use

Magic Mobility has launched a mid-drive electric wheelchair that can navigate dirt paths or grassy fields while still being maneuverable enough to use within your home. It combines a compact mid-drive base with the power, suspension and grip to handle outdoor terrain.

Opens in a new windowShare your tricks for #WheelchairLife

Three side-by-side images showing a reusable shopping bag rolled over a disposable water bottle and lifted with a sliding board.
  1. Place the handle of a reusable shopping bag over the water bottle.
  2. Twist until handle is tight.
  3. Elevator with transfer table.

Wheelchair user Vince Stark shared this trick for getting your water bottle out of the center console without putting it back in the car, and we want to hear more clever ideas. Share your own #WheelchairLife hacks for a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue of New Mobility. Opens in a new windowEmail us one to three photos showing your trick along with a title.

Opens in a new windowFighting for the equipment we need

Regan Linton was excited when it came time to get a new wheelchair, but the process of ordering one quickly burst her bubble. “Getting the equipment we need to maximize our health and productivity should be the standard; Unfortunately it has become a privilege,” she writes. Instead of accepting this unfortunate situation, Linton decided to fight back and be the squeaky wheel advocating for her own needs and those of the community at large.

Opens in a new windowHow a Quad Made DIY Tools to Help Manage His Colostomy

One of the keys to successfully managing your colostomy is finding the right products that work with your skin, your stoma, and your lifestyle. But few ostomy products are designed for someone with limited grip. Read how Mark Fuglevand, a C6 quad, designed a set of 3D printed tools to help you more easily and independently operate your own colostomy products.

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