IZ Adaptive is Dropping Prices by up to 50% on Jeans, Sweats, Chinos and More

Adaptive clothing brand IZ Adaptive is slashing prices by up to 50%. The brand has long been known for its modern, fashionable and functional clothing, but also for its prices that are out of many consumers’ budgets. Founder Izzy Camilleri says making her products more accessible has been a goal for a long time.

“We are aware that our prices (have not been) accessible to many people,” he says. “Our prices have been where they are because producing in North America and the overhead costs of running a business are very expensive. “Now we manufacture abroad, which allows us to reduce manufacturing costs, which we pass on to our customers.”

Starting January 31, the new price will go into effect on its best-selling items, including jeans, sweatshirts and chinos. Currently priced between $80 and $126, these items will be reduced to approximately $60 to $70. As IZ Adaptive works to scale its production, some items will ship immediately. Customers will also be able to reserve items that sell out quickly.

Camilleri says her goal has always been to make her clothing more affordable and recognizes the financial barriers faced by the disabled community. “Things are more expensive since [the pandemic], and here I am taking a bold step and lowering my prices,” he says. “I always wanted to be in this position.”

She also hopes to expand the brand’s reach by adding footwear, lingerie and accessories in the future. Browse your collection at izadaptive.com.

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