PBS Kids Creating New Series About Characters With Autism

PBS Kids said it will air “Carl the Collector,” a show focused on characters with autism, next year. (Fuzzytown Productions, LLC)

PBS Kids is developing its first series featuring a main character on the autism spectrum and his neurodiverse friends.

The animated show called “Carl the Collector” follows Carl, a raccoon with autism who loves to collect things, and his friends in Fuzzytown, a place where everyone learns about themselves and those around them.

Carl is described as a kind-hearted and energetic person, laser-focused and with great attention to detail, but struggles with anxiety in new circumstances and when things don’t go as expected. His friends include both neurotypical and neurodiverse characters, PBS Kids said.

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“My hope for Carl and his diverse group of Fuzzytown friends is that they inspire neurodiverse and neurotypical kids alike to foster a world where neurodiversity is not only recognized as a benefit to society, but celebrated as an example. of the entire spectrum of what it implies. it means being human,” said Zachariah OHora, creator and executive producer of the show, aimed at children ages 4 to 8.

In addition to on-screen inclusion, neurodiverse and neurotypical writers, consultants and broadcasters are part of the production team behind the new show.

“‘Carl the Collector’ values ​​inclusivity and empathy, while modeling relationship building and developing social skills, wrapped in humor, heart and incredible visual design,” said Sara DeWitt, senior vice president and general manager of PBS Kids. . “We’re excited for kids to meet Carl and his group of friends, who believe the best experiences happen when we honor the things that make each of us unique.”

“Carl the Collector” is expected to debut on PBS Kids in fall 2024.

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